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Cedar Planters – A Gift From Nature!

Cedar Planters are an excellent choice for any garden. These planter boxes are made from cedar, which is naturally weather resistant and stable.

The Ideal Wood

Gardeners with plans for an organic garden should choose cedar because it is safe for both you and the environment. Because cedar is a resilient wood that is naturally weather and water resistant, it does not need to be chemically treated for outside use. Organically, cedar will resist rotting or cracking like other woods. This makes cedar an excellent choice for any of your garden or outside needs. You can use cedar in your planters, boxes, your deck, patio furniture, or outside railings and lattices. Cedar is also lightweight enough to be used in hanging planters.

A cedar planter box is ideal for extreme climates – whether hot or cold. Unlike garden planters and patio planters made from other materials, ce

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Trellis Planter – Climbing To New Heights!

The trellis planter is an exciting mix of the everyday planter and a lovely garden trellis. You can use the planter trellis in a variety of ways, making your garden climb to new heights.

More Than Just A Wall

A planter with a trellis is a modern twist on the traditional trellis. This one-stop planter allows you to plant your climbers in the base box container at the bottom and then watch them grow up the lattices of the trellis. Even if the planter trellis wasn’t a part of your initial plans for your garden, it can be a great choice for filling any empty spaces. In fact, the elegant trellis is the perfect addition to any garden, deck, or patio.

The planter trellis can be purchased in plastic or wood. Plastic garden planters are a great choice because these planters stay in the garden all year long. The plastic will ensure that the trellis does not rust or rot, endangering your plants.

No m

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How to Use a Rain Barrel to Conserve Energy and Save Money

As utility bills continue to climb and conservation becomes more of a public issue, rain water barrels or rain water tanks are once again the focus of popular attention. What is a rain barrel and why do you need one? How can a rain barrel save you money when it comes to gardening?

Rain water barrels come in all shapes and sizes. Rain barrels can even be purchased as parts of complete systems designed to catch and retain as much rain as humanly possible; water that can then be used to water your garden.

A 55-gallon rain water barrel will water a 4-foot by 10-foot garden for a week at the very most, so if you want to get all your gardening needs met with rain water, you will want a fairly large system. But even a single rain barrel is saves more money than no rain barrel at all.

The simplest is a simple steel drum or plastic drum (the kind used for trash cans) set beneath the rainwater runo

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Wrought Iron Planters – Strong on Design!

Wrought iron planters are one of the most stylish of garden planters. But don’t be fooled by their elegant appearance, these planters are as tough as any other metal planter.

Ironing Out The Details
One of the most exciting things about a wrought iron planter is that they come in a large variety of designs. The metal can be hammered with intricate designs or made simple for elegance. This iron can be shaped into boxes, baskets, or even hanging wall planters. Wrought iron is an extremely popular choice for the patio.

One of the most popular uses for wrought iron is as a window planter. The iron brings elegance to the outside of your house and complements almost any architectural style or color. As a window planter, it will need a lining. Many gardeners recommend coconut husks as a lining.

But the designs and elegance aren’t the only good things about using wrought iron.  Wrought iron lives up to the r

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Wall Planters – Flowers Hang Out!

Wall planters add an instant burst of vibrant, natural color and beauty to any wall.

The Great Wall
Planters for the wall are decorative planters for outdoors or indoors. Many of these planters are made to hold other planters within them – giving regular garden planters a lift. A popular choice is to house terra cotta planters in an iron wall container. The bright orange hue of the terra cotta creates a vibrant contrast to the dark iron.

To create an elegant look indoors, there are a large variety of wrought iron wall planters that will match any color scheme. Many of these wrought iron planters come with elegant scrolling or other decorative details that will add a little natural beauty to your living space. For antique lovers there are planters that have distressed metal finishes. The distressing creates a vintage look that will complement your antique treasures.

Do you have a wall outside that could use its own little garden? Choose a wooden or ceramic wall plan

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Tomato Planters – Turning Gardening Upside Down!

Tomato planters are turning the gardening world upside-down – literally. A new tomato planter, the topsy turvey tomato planter grows tomatoes upside-down.

Topsy Turvey Tomatoes
An upside down tomato planter is a hanging planter that suspends the tomato plant in the air and it hangs down as it grows. The upside-down planter can be hung from anywhere – ceilings, balconies, porches, or as a patio planter. This hanging planter is a great choice for people who want to grow their own tomatoes but don’t have the room to pot them in traditional planters.

This style of planter however, isn’t only for saving space. These hanging containers also make it easier to grow tomatoes. Because the tomatoes never come into contact with the soil, there is no danger of them rotting. Also, since there is no planting, there is no fear of losing your tomato plant to insects, worms, or other threats. You will still need to water them,

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Wood Container Planters – The Natural Choice!

A wood containers planter is a natural choice to add beauty to any garden. Wood planters offer many advantages over other planters, making them a versatile choice for any garden.

Old Fashioned – New Options!

Every gardener desires to build their own private oasis. By including a wood planter into your plans, you can achieve virtually any layout that you desire. One of the many advantages to wooden planters is their versatility. Wood planters can be painted to a color that matched perfectly with your house or the color of your plants. You could also choose to paint a mosaic or other designs on the box. Wooden planters can also be crafted into practically any shape – a box, a barrel, or even an old time wagon wheel. Wood planters can even be used as hanging planters or birdhouses. But planters aren’t only for gardens. They are also a great addition to your home or office.

Versatility isn’t the only

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Wooden Mailbox Planters – Recycle Your Old Mailbox

Wooden mailbox planters are an interesting and quirky way to brighten up your patio or garden outdoor space.  A mailbox planter can also be a great way to recycle and reuse your old mailbox.

Recycle And Reuse

If you are thinking of either making or buying a new wooden mailbox and are not sure what to do with the old one, then why not try turning it into a decorative garden planter.  Garden planters are available in countless shapes, sizes, and materials but having a homemade planter in either your front or back yard can add an extra touch of character and individuality to your outdoor space.

Turning your old mailbox into a planter is easy. Simply remove the top, close up the mail slot, and plant away.   Your new planter will however, last much longer if you take the a few extra steps. Drilling a succession of water drainage holes in the bottom of the mailbox, will prevent rotting. You can also avoid unnecessary damage from weathering by using a liner or place yo

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Planter Liners – Make Your Planters Last Longer

Planter liners are the ideal way to ensure that the planter you have painstakingly chosen for your garden lasts as long as possible. In cold weather, the soil used in your planters contracts and expands. Over time, if your planter boxes are not protected, this expansion and contraction can lead to cracks and unnecessary wear and tear.

Defeating The Cold Weather With A Planter Liner

Choosing to plant your flowers in secondary plastic containers, otherwise known as liners enables you to avoid this problem.  The liner helps to absorb any possible damage from cold weather and prevents damage to your pots.

Outdoor wooden containers and planters, such as antique whiskey barrel planters also suffer from this form of weather damage.  This can eventually lead to the wood warping. You will find however that a whiskey barrel planter liner will help to minimise any such damage.

The majority of liners tend to be made from plastic although there are liners available i

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Deck Rail Planters – Brighten Up Your Deck

Deck rail planters are the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your boring deck rails.  These planters are available in many different materials and styles, and are the perfect planter for a multitude of garden plants.

Your Choices

Choices regarding your style of rail planter box should always be made with the overall style of your garden in mind. If you have, or are planning to build, a sanded deck of white pine then you will not wish to combine this with rustic old world themed planter boxes. Ideally, also, the deck planters you choose for your railings should complement the planters you have in the rest of the garden. If you have whiskey barrel garden planters in the main garden, it is best not to choose brushed aluminum planters for your rails.

Planters made from resin, fiberglass and also plastic planters are perhaps the most ideal choice of material for your railings.  These are quite lig

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