Renovating your bathroom with ecofriendly toilets

bathroom-with-eco-friendly-toiletHome improvement stores will push expensive yet low maintenance porcelain toilets that contain the same boring composition: a means for water to catch your ‘business’, a means for that watery waste to be whisked away, and yet another means for fresh water to enter your bowl for the next use. Perhaps now is time to take your ecofriendly goals seriously and renovate your bathroom with composting toilets.

The groovy thing about composting (or ecofriendly) toilets is the fact they use natural processes to turn human waste into a valuable soil improvement. Here’s the scoop on these toilets:

Savings are tremendous

When one hears the words “compost toilet”, there’s a strong chance you’ll instantly start imagining some sort of terrifying box stuck in the middle of the Canadian Rockies for humans to relieve themselves. For environmentalists and green home owners, all they hear is savings. Lots of it.

There are variety of tricks and techniques you can use to ensure that your house is truly an ecofriendly yet stunning dwelling, starting with the head. Many Montreal condos today include these composting toilets because they are literally much easier on your wallet and the city environment. In fact, many countries outside North America have been implementing these toilets for decades, gaining the benefits of stink-free bathrooms.

These toilets are responsible for performing three simultaneous functions, which for some manufacturers has proven difficult: compost all tissue and bodily waste quickly and without odor, reduce the waste to an easily transportable ecofriendly product, and evaporate the liquid portion of the waste. It’s nearly all done simultaneously, meaning a cleaner environment for us and less hassle for you. You will literally watch your water bill drop.

A worthy investmenteco friendly toilet

Depending how elaborate the unit is, you may spend between 400-2000CAN on these composting toilets. Considering the number of gallons egregiously flushed away in conventional toilets, this investment should be seen as paying your future ‘forward’. Some systems inactivate human pathogens much more effectively than others, which means the level of foul odor is reduced to none. In fact, reaping the benefits of composting toilets is nearly instantaneous when choosing ecofriendly waste removal units.

Regardless of the decorative style, any bathroom can look flat, lifeless and even clinical if care isn’t taken to add something more ecofriendly to the renovation plans. Home interiors should be inviting and interesting spaces, but it is all too easy to end up with something that resembles a doctor’s waiting room or the office, especially if the means for controlling human waste isn’t forward thinking.

Think about it

Ecofriendly waste composting systems are the best way to minimalize your impact on local sewer and water systems. The costs involved with installing a composting toilet are dramatically lower than paying for ridiculous sewer line repairs, frequent upticks in sewage removal rates or even calling the plumber. The units tend to be easier to maintain, keep our Earth’s ecosystem enriched and help keep your newly remodeled bathroom free of dizzying odors.

When shopping, you may even notice that during your quest for staying truly ecofriendly, many of these units are made with recycled materials. Can you say ‘double bonus’?


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