Stackable Planters – Build A Towering Garden!

Stackable planters create a unique look inside or outside. These stackable containers can create a waterfall effect that is ideal for small corners or other narrow spaces.

Lego for Your Garden
A stackable planter is a series of planters that can be stacked on top of each other to create a cascading display. This can be an especially beautiful ornament to any room, patio, or yard. You can vary the colors in each container for extra color or vary the type of plant for a unique combination. Using planters that can be stacked together allows you to be as creative as you want.

These planters can be used to grow almost any type of plant. A popular use for stackable style planters is for herb gardens. Since many people grow herbs inside their kitchen, these containers save valuable counter space. Stacking planters are ideal for apartment dwellers or anyone else that has limited space. These planters can also fit inside a window sill if you choose to place it inside the house.

Stacking planters can be made out of different materials. Fiberglass planters are lightweight and easy to stack. They can also be made into a large variety of designs and colors to fit the specific needs of your garden. Ceramic planters have long been a favorite of gardeners and they can also be stacked together. You can even create your own stack by turning one container over and placing another container on top. Ceramic planters can also be easily painted with colors to match your plants or flower arrangement or a design to match your overall décor.

Stackable style planters are an excellent selection for those with limited space and for those who want to be extra creative.

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